This is a blog about teaching, not nudity.

Now that’s out of the way….

This blog is written by me, an average teacher working in a really great coastal school somewhere in the South West, who considers themselves really lucky to be a teacher.

I use this blog to help my ideas and beliefs take shape.

I hope that as a result of spending time here you may find a solution to a challenge you are facing and feel a bit better about your profession.

Why call it Teaching In The Nude? The clue is in the strap-line. I want to stimulate conversation about great teaching and make people feel better about the incredible job that teachers do. Our children are lucky to have us.

Lastly, the ideas I’m writing about here draw on over a decade of teaching and seeing other teachers at work so should not be considered ‘original’ or the intellectual property of the author. I believe that great teachers all fundamentally use the same techniques and that new ideas are rarely ‘new’, with a great many variations on a theme being used in classrooms up and down the country day after day.

Read, comment, share. Whether you agree or disagree please comment from the heart.

Many thanks,


PS. I live in a seaside village, have two kids under 6 and lovely wife who puts up with me and my kids better than anyone else ever could. I love keeping fit [that bit’s a lie, sorry] spending time with the family, reading and just generally enjoying life.