Make Time To Be Happy

It’s not all plain sailing but…

From the point of view of a child sitting in your class, it’s probably quite important for them to see their teacher smiling and happy. The problem is that looking happy when you’re not happy is exhausting. But why are so many of us feeling so sad? Is it all the fault of government interventions, lack of funding and an unjust exam system? I think there’s more to it.

Teachers have an awesome job: working with kids, having creative control over how you teach, decent pay and looooooong holidays. Awesome! So why are we miserable? Because we spend our days being perfectionists, worrying about what others think and dreading a visit from the Big O. We listen to negativity and often ourselves say negative things, we get observed and only hear the things we did wrong and we forget that we’re human and mistakes are part of the job. It’s time we started showing ourselves some compassion. We often get it wrong and that’s OK, it’s just a job and you can always do better next time.

When you consider what the average teacher tries to fit into a typical day it’s enough to make the average Joe weep! We are a special breed of heroes, we deserve the respect of all those around us and most importantly we deserve the compassion of ourselves and our colleagues. So when was the last time you gave yourself a big pat on the back for being awesome? When did you last say kind words to the person sitting next to you in the staffroom and reflect on the good that you’ve both done?


  • you are awesome!
  • you do a job that most people can’t and won’t do…
  • … but despite this you have the best job in the world!

Do this now

Breathe in, hold it, breathe out, hold it, repeat.

Clear your mind of all thoughts.




I am lucky, truly lucky… because I am a teacher.

I do a difficult job to the best of my abilities and it’s OK that I make mistakes.

I learn from my mistakes and I get better every day.


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